*Abundance Fresh Parfum:

Features clean and refreshing green scent notes that draw inspiration from aquatic botanicals, soft florals, and crisp hints of citrus. Mandarin & Lemon: Add an energizing and sparkling touch.

Driftwood: Brings in an earthy edge.

Dewy Freesia: For a soft, floral note.


*Abundance Lush Parfum:

Features sensual, lush fruit notes of velvety coconut milk, and light tropical florals for a warm but refreshing scent.

Passionfruit: Lends a vibrant, fruity note.

Vanilla Orchid: For a warm, floral bouquet.

Pikake Jasmine: Adds a tropical, floral touch.


*Abundance Bloom Parfum: 

Features gorgeous, fragrant floral notes, lighterthan-air musk, and soft spice for a sophisticated scent with a contemporary twist.

Lush Pear: Adds brightness and light sweetness.

Rose Bloom: For an enveloping floral aroma.

Glowing Amber: Lends a warm, luxurious scent


*Abundance Travel Trio $50:

Enjoy all three Abundance Parfums with this set of three rollerball vials in a custom velvet pouch, perfect for gorgeous scent on the go.

Abundance Parfum